Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept revealed

In-wheel motors, cutting-edge materials and sharp design signal Lamborghini’s direction for the future Lamborghini has revealed the Terzo Millennio concept at EmTech, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s in-house tech conference. The Terzo Millennio – meaning third millennium – is all-electric, with in-wheel motors providing power, and the ability to control how…

Crystal-encrusted Lamborghini Huracán Spotted on London Streets – Sparkly ruby Lambo somehow works in the wild

Call us crazy, but for some reason this bedazzled Lamborghini Huracán isn’t a travesty of bad taste and too much money. Yes, it may be eye-watering to many, but outrageous style is what Lamborghini is known for. And this Swarovski crystal-coated Huracán seems like the logical apex of Lamborghini style…

2019 Mazda RX-9: All Hail the Rotary! Assuming it happens, this car could be a serious disruptor.

What It Is: The revival of Mazda’s Wankel-powered sports car, which refuses to die without a fight. It stole the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in concept form as the RX-Vision, seen here. Why It Matters: The rotary engine is a cornerstone in the house of Mazda. Also, the MX-5 Miatacould use a teammate to…

2018 Audi A6/A7: New Design, More Tech This global mid-sizer is essential to Audi’s well-being.

What It Is: Audi’s mid-size sedan and its low-slung brother. Both versions will draw from the design of the recent Prologue family of concept cars. They’ll feature an entirely new user interface, similar to the one in the upcoming A8. Why It Matters: The A6 is essential to the brand’s well-being, with…

2018 Lexus LC500h Hybrid

What’s the opposite of “simplify and add lightness”?
A six-figure price tag used to be a clear sign of exclusivity in the automotive world, but rapidly ballooning sticker prices have eroded the inherent specialness of cars residing around the $100,000 mark. Heck, high-end pickup trucks can cost nearly that much now.

Dramatic styling inside and out, satisfying handling, better fuel economy than the V-8.
Diminished performance versus the V-8, slurred soundtrack, burdensome mass.